Exxon Mobil Speedpass+ App Reviews

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I find this app does not work well, plus it puts a freeze on my credit card when ever i tried to use. Frankly the key fob worked great and was extremely convenient. Whoever thought of this app should be fired. Exxon just lost me as a customer

The App let me get the gas only twice.. I called customer service (CS) and they said the account was blocked and that it would remain blocked. When I asked why, he stated that the information was proprietary information and there was nothing I could do about it. So, I deleted the app and will never use it or stop at a EXXON Mobile again. Two things that will keep me from patronizing an establishment. Unprofessionalism and incompetence. EXXON Mobile has both.

I agree that the Plenti $20 reward is false advertisement. I got my 3 fill ups, and the app is locked when it comes to the point of linking the Plenti card to get the reward. The Speedpass people told me to talk to Plenti (which I did), the Plenti people said it's the Speedpass app that needs to be fixed and they are aware of it!

App let me get the gas twice and now when I should be able to earn my $20 reward for third pumping app is locked. I emailed customer service and no-one is responding. I called them and after the call it's not fixed and now no response from them as well. I'm looking for a lawyer who will start class action lawsuit because it's false advertisement.

After dealing with customer support for two emails and still not having problems with the payment processing working for this app I'm pretty much done with it. Fix it and I'd like it, but as it is now it's a waste of time.

Agree. The app does not work as advertised. Furthermore, no one at the service stations seems to have any familiarity with the app

I've been using the app for a while, and basically, I stop using the key tag because I found extremely convenient to start authorizing the pump from inside my car, which is great! I get my Plenti points; I keep track of my records, etc. It has improved a lot!

Good concept using the security of Apple Pay, however it has worked once in the last 9 months. Will pay the extra price for Exxon gas if the app continues to be unresponsive

Nice App but....

when locating a gas station, it would be really nice if it showed the price of the gallon of gas at the stations

Where can I use this?

Works well when I can find a station where this works. What I find a problem is when I use the station finder and go there, only to find that station doesnt work with the app. If you let me go out of my way because of the app, but then the app doesnt work at that station, then what is the point? Went to a station this week. When prompted for pump number, tried to type in "11". Well, the app would not accept the second "1". I assume youre stuck if you park at a pump marked with 2 digits. Not convenient if you dont want to be bothered scanning the barcode on the pump. So, I grabbed an image of the QR code on the pump and got my fuel.

Lots of Bugs, but Good Concept

I have so far been unable to use this app to pay for gas. At best, gas stations are constantly flipping between supporting Speedpass+. At worst, I receive a message that the payment processing is down and to pay at the pump. I have emailed support several times and no reply. I really want to use this app. I like concept of Apple Pay and this workflow seems like a great solution until the pumps support Apple Pay directly. Unfortunately, the app just doesnt work and Mobile doesnt seem to care. I will be getting my gas at the first station near me to support Apple Pay, regardless if its Mobile owned or not.

Love it

So convenient. Helps if you forget your wallet and need to get fuel

Good app

Need to add plenti rewards

No support for Plenti

I installed this app after linking my Plenti rewards account to my Speedpass account. Turns out this app doesnt support Plenti, only the Speedpass keyfob does. So I lost Plenti points by paying with this app. If you do want Plenti with this, you have to pull out your wallet and swipe your Plenti card frist. Which entirely negates any benefit of using the app. I recommend not using it. Just get a Speedpass keyfob, or else use your card. Also very thoughtless of the developers not to make this more clear. I feel cheated.


Its quick easy and simple. Thank you Exxon.

Love it

First day using Exxon Mobil Speed Pass on my iPhone 6 with Apple Pay.... Love it idea is great. Very safe, and fast....!!!!

Getting frustrated

Every time I choose to use the app its says doesnt work and app is down! As someone who only uses Exxon/Mobil for gas in Sacramento where there are barely any stations that use this app, its frustrating every time I try to use it, its never working!

Works 10% of the Time

I want this to work so bad, and yet its miserable. Ive tried it consistently for well over two months now, and get the payment to go through roughly 10% of the time. Always fails out at the payment stage saying "Payment could not be completed"

Love the app except no link to Plenti

This would be an excellent 5-star app if you could link your Plenti card to it like you can with your Speedpass fob.

Doesnt work

Ive tried this a handful of times at 3 different stations. Each time, I get all the way to validating with my thumbprint, only to get an error stating payment not processed.

No complaints

Has worked every time for me. UI recently updated to reflect all of the pumps at the station. Used to have to select 10 and then the digit for the pump if you were at a number greater than 9. No complaints with the app at all and I prefer it over using a credit card.

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